Prusa I3 Mk3S Build - Intro Video

Hey, everyone I'm John Carlisle, 67-year-old, senior citizen, guy and I got into 3d printing about a year and a half ago as a little add-on to my other hobby, which is custom pin making I am for JC wood pins. Hence, JC shop notes. This is my third printer prior to this I had to endure three printers and replace those with the current Purus ha frame. This is a video on the build series for the Plus i3 Mark 3s, which I purchased in kit form. There are six videos in the series covering the manual from front. To back and the build of the printer, this build consists of 350 pieces, plus or minus.

And it took me nine hours and 45 minutes to do the build over two days. Everything is very well, boxed and packaged and labeled. Good job pressure on that part.

Great manual I took it slow kind of went through it to start with before I started building. And then took each step carefully read and tried to follow the instructions as best I could, I still did have a mistake though on part, the e axis assembly on. Tightening the belt for the x-axis, step number 54, it says to be extremely careful tightening the screw you'll break apart. There absolutely right. I broke the part I over tighten. The screw I did contact Purus ha. And they sent me out a replacement part on that same day.

So great customer service to Plus when I got the thing built I went through the automatic setup for bed, leveling and Z, adjustment, etc., worked out pretty good. My first print kind of ugly, not a very good base layer. Second print was. Better still need some more tinning on that z-axis third, layer. Third, print, perfect real happy with it very nice base layer after I. Finally, got that z-axis.

Adjusted just a tiny bit also printed a couple odds and ends things. This is a kind of little fidget spinner worked very well. No problem at all operating also just finished printing.

The sample file of the castle that came on the SD card had a little of stringing. But overall very, very well. Now currently got a print started in the. Background here, I've since done probably 40 more prints since I finished.

The construction I have not adjusted the printer since that time. And since that third and final z-axis, adjustment great printer, good job, Plus really enjoyed doing this build I. Hope you all enjoy the videos.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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