Rajyasamacharam: Exploring The History Of India's First Newspaper

Rajyasamacharam: Exploring the History of India's First Newspaper

Rajyasamacharam was the first newspaper published in India, making its debut in 1780. It was printed in Kannada and was the first newspaper to be published in any Indian language.

History and Background

Rajyasamacharam was founded by Herkal Venkatappa Sharma, a Kannada scholar. He was the first person to compose Kannada prose and compose a Kannada grammar book. He was an ardent believer in the freedom of expression and wanted people to be educated and informed about the happenings around them. This is why he decided to launch the newspaper Rajyasamacharam.

Rajyasamacharam was published in Srirangapatnam, a town in Karnataka. It was a weekly publication, and it was printed on a small wooden press. The newspaper was written in Kannada and was printed on a type of paper called "Chitra." It was distributed to various parts of the country, including Madras, Hyderabad, and Pondicherry.

Rajyasamacharam was the first newspaper in India to report on events such as the French Revolution. It was also the first newspaper to report on the news from Europe, including the Industrial Revolution. It also reported on various wars that were taking place at the time, such as the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War and the Third Anglo-Maratha War.

Content and Format

Rajyasamacharam was composed of three sections: news, poetry, and literary works. The news section was the most important part of the newspaper, and it focused on political, economic, and social news. It also reported on events taking place in other parts of the world, such as Europe and America. The poetry section was composed of works by prominent Kannada poets, while the literary section was made up of works by various authors.

Rajyasamacharam was printed on a single sheet of paper and was about 12 inches long and 10 inches wide. It was folded in such a way that it could be easily carried around. It also had illustrations of various scenes, which added to the visual appeal of the newspaper.


Rajyasamacharam was an important milestone in the history of Indian journalism. It was the first newspaper to be published in any Indian language, and it laid the foundation for the modern Indian press. It also inspired many other newspapers and publications in the country, which helped spread news and information to a wider audience.

The legacy of Rajyasamacharam is still alive today. It is remembered as the first newspaper in India and is seen as an important part of the country's history. It is also a reminder of the power of the press and how it can be used to inform and educate people.

Rajyasamacharam was an important milestone in Indian journalism, and its legacy is still alive today. It was the first newspaper to

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