- Sold Sold - 1969 Chevrolet El Camino Ss 396 - 4 Speed

How are you doing folks, this is ross custom muscle cars today, we're, checking out a badass 69 el Camino. SS, 396 four speed. It was a California built car spent most its life in Las Vegas area, super, super solid. Original panel car, see the original grille and everything in excellent condition. Front bumper has been re-chromed it's done in a super slick, tuxedo black thing as straight as an arrow down the sides, this super, super nice, car I'll, tell you it's real hard to find a real nice el Camino anymore. It's got your Kroger assassins on it.

The rear bumper's been re-chromed all the trim and stainless around the bed looks real. Nice. You see how slick straight down the sides.

It is. I tell you it's just a tough, looking car, black pleasant, chrome wheels on it. This original numbers match 396. It's been all professionally, built it's got a roller cam roller. Rockers, pleasant, aluminum intake and Holley. All MSD ignition it's got all serpentine pulley kit. A heavy-duty radiator with the dual electric fans, got.

Your power disc brakes power steering. So all the jams' interior looks real pleasant in the car got the factory TAC gauge package. They all work it's, a bench seat. Four speed all inside the beds, all painted real pleasant. This car was done about seven years ago, but tell you what it looks like. It was just done spotless.

Pleasant car. It's got an am FM CD stereo in if it's got the uh trio, gauges nicely, mounted under the dash, keep better eye on the motor a little more accurate. I tell you this thing rocks got 12. Bolt rear got three inch exhaust with ceramic coated headers, just a cool. Cool car.

Super cool. Car guys. Good sounding car I'll, tell you it's a riot to drive too. You can check out our complete inventory at have a great day. Folks.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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