Run The Jewels - Out Of Sight Feat. 2 Chainz (Official Music Video)

Is leave me here to drown that glory, you're too good to cross that line. Run tragically struck down in my prime by the speed at which the bats are dropping should've watched the sky. You don't want a little snipe it's, really, not sublime I'm only doing what I want behind the swine.

We the motivating devastating, captivating ghost and ray, relating product of the 80s, code killing babies never regulating back accumulating. It would not be overstating to say they are underrated I'm proud of. Brooklyn and the Grady baby, we don't eat any compliments or confidence. Our attitude and latitude is , big summer left. The promised duke you broke the smoking industry. Ain't.

The team is being clean as Jaime and Michael TV, got no temperature. Even if it did . We cool this penguin, on the polar cap peninsula, colder than your baby mama heart. When she found out you been with that other broad. And you ain't got that wrinkle. Just about me, had it that is just magic. Go.

Figure to run to the little daddy it's automated, you know, I'm popping the product of , poverty, I'm, cool. As I see you , you just wanna bees. I slide on tracks like home plate, right beats like road. Rage got a dribble like phone states. I get a text like stay safe. Text back.

I miss that , be home soon. And I can't, wait. I came from a dream, triple beam with some great tape.

My sister went shopping, put my bags in the 88. Hello. Mr, big safe. The bank teller, trying to get ranked. I buy hot dogs. Saying if I'm trying to be frank just left the hospital, making sure my was straight and send bail a couple dollars till they give them a date.

Oh, thank you. Two like me and teachers were pretty legit friends, though, you know, he was giant lousy still got this picture. Hey, mom, who runs a pawn shop, let's, take them there. Now how much they're worth shitloads? Man, I'm going to buy myself a mansion.

Yeah, all right? Well, maybe not a mansion, but like a sick, breakfast, then I'm going to buy like. Pastries and what songs bro what's, a croissant it's like a Porsche, you.

Dated : 17-Apr-2022

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