Skyrim: Dark Brotherhood- Ep: 9 - To Kill An Empire (Part 1/1)

Hey, what's up, you guys it's alpha here and today, we're going to continue our dark brotherhood called quest line. And what we left off was when we killed, the Emperor's chef, I think it was chef. And yeah, now, we're going to kill the Emperor to kill an empire ports.

You know, if it's the one for the Emperor see, it would appear all contracts leading up to the Emperor's assassination have been complete I must not speak to Astrid. So quit the acid and receive further instructions say, just before we start. I just want to say like this is going to select words then for the relative quest line, and it's been really fun filming it and playing here and I, really appreciate every comment, every like you guys would vote for me or anything, yeah. And uh, like I said, like you might realize something today my voice that's because I'm fasting. And then you forgot to say last episode it's, like, oh, I, just want say all I'm cutting into every one. You guys are Muslims and uh, yeah.

So I haven't had any water yet, so it's. Like kind of dead and dried dehydrated in fact. So, yeah, if my voice like kind of dies out or like guys start, you know, Bingo a cracking, whatever it is because that's that was the reason why and yeah, just what's B dash it now and I. Oh, yeah, what using as a ship Oh what's, the point interesting. So a guy did this did I kill come on tomorrow.

That was some Sun I think I, don't know, but yeah, I get this poison that I put his food. You guys will see them when it Shadow mere all my horse, not helpful, fast. Travel solitude I'm going to castle tower.

Alright, once in solitude silver, what do we have to go? Is it up here? Or who he , dead, ok, feel the gold our top what's this. Now, these bagels, I'm sorry, had no idea expect dressed.

We've seen to the kitchen straight right for I'm going to work on side. I have done I have chef's hat shifts. Boom, sonic put on some kind of clothes boots, taking anything that should have picked up from the gourmet here that would have been useful enough. But did step back on the. Voice of it cannot kill them. No I.

Don't. Remember, damn. Ok, miles is funny to find boots on. Yeah, get stuffs gone. Yes. I should look what I should look like this.

You don't have I. Guess, but I like to play it this way, it's, one-sided. Alright, once when side let's sit down, Oh, yup, look like a sexy chef. She does too new people or maybe somewhere less. Of course, the emperor has requested your signature dish. The postage in the Martinique I'm taking the liberty of games. And everyone makes the postage.

Different I would be honored if we could make it. No. We can get started right now characters. We will catch us people cats.

You must now add a splash of meat, fat by dust and all that meat. Shaded one, no root you're, not a giant store 1 x, talk to me, I really want to add all this crap towards it, but then I just own against this. But uh, just like being suspicious and everything's I'm just going to add all the legit stuff. And then possibly I would you guys?

Should do this autumn, autumn, I, don't think I. Should because I don't have to go, we do everything you're not horse. Why are you getting on the ship on there's? One final agreement, I guess I have to give it as it is in my show ticket I'm, sorry, of course, your secret ingredients, been added good. It has been an honor attending expense to prepare a meal with the entire empire. I'm sure the dying I'm dying to see this guy who talked to him still.

Okay, set it. Okay. Go one on two I wonder, files like a character was an orc like with tubular car or go. Did I expect to org there's, a central wondering of RPG it's, like you do something? And then like what I just did like I wonder what how what would happen if I put that Giants toe and set them and that all our crap also wonder what it's like to be like org or a mage, whatever, hi, oh here we are. You just stand there and be amazing where's.

Dad don't, see, this guy has old my friends as you put it on the table, putting on the chef of voice of the Emperor, get them. What no you don't understand that there's. Been some kind of mistake, I, you put that girl go 10 search this guy. So he has shut up nice. Okay. Now you have a naked Emperor where's that girl with one moment, more not going to pay anything escaped our room.

What am I bleeding? My ass Oh that man was ever you assassin. The dark just made an attempt on the Emperor's life would have succeeded surprised suicide. How about this I kill? You put your each?

And every one let's go get we're doing home? What do I have that magic spell is a read on Guizhou? He was to find you the bad, flames burn the expense slimy ass, home I killed that guy. Tomorrow son, I was not there. Not come on these people first and last, whoa.

Okay. They don't burn fast. But they're die cast really.

Okay, was awkward. I guess I had no bounty them. Cool.

Cool very cool. Let's, go back in a home century. And what was that all about that they sold me out like they gave me away to him and grabbed off the walk there.

You just think god I have this. Okay, oh I think they're doing bad stuff to the. Sanctuary, you got to get back to really fast all right?

Well, you guys that's, if I guess I've, finished the episode I'm supposed to kill these people. Oh, now you Pig all right, I think, that's. If I'll do the sanctuary one right away, it's kind of weird because I God, even if I didn't really finish the quest, so I'm just going to ignore them for now. And my next episodes for the episode 10 we're, not yeah, prob episode 10.

It is going to be continuing from right. This spot I'm just going to continue on. Into the sanctuary so you're going to film that right now just don't have it like separate episodes in case, someone like missing out something. So yeah, make sure to watch that. Thank you for watching and that's how you can remember, yeah. And then thank you for watching make sure to rate comment and subscribe she does it.

Dated : 19-Apr-2022

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