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Now, the one thing every school has is a motto, a small sentence that imparts wisdom and hopefully direction to the students. Now, one of my favorite mottos is the one Royal College has what do you think I'm going to let that one go, which brings me to the horrible sports ministers be together. Now, yeah, not his fault.

Men. No, that was a Roy Tory meant. Yeah, that place was swarming with royal Estonians and let's face it the Honorable sports Willa Stacy, intelligent guy, he's been on reality shows so. Obviously he glanced through the script and of someone who was there much a meaning may simply take over the can imagine unfortunately, though he asked it from atomism and the doorman was like Minister, mahjong, bro, dude, Monza. That is the royal motto monism.

Yeah, it's pronounced disc a'm, not a disco. Nice car, be macho. Yeah, my template that is cool.

It's. Do my tell me he'll be nice too much on bro. Dude, don't. Try to teach me much I'm a common I know, everything much. Okay, okay.

Ma, SHA. Okay, in Latin. Match up three words become four what's wrong. Okay. So it's, this guy, I'm, not ready study.

You can either take it or leave it I'll. Take it. And this is what happened and let the bitter side win keeping the best edition or the gentlemen's game disc a hundred escape history, Perpetual, Spurred which woods. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you this day or this baby that's, the real royal bottle, learn or depart. Well, done royal well, done great, great, Potter. Great, one, right?. He does you know, the dryer College has produced more cabinet ministers than any other school in the country. Yeah, that's strange.

Because you see the Royal motto is basically Latin for just do it. Oh off like first day of school at Royal. This is what happens.

Masters walk up to Buddha Lusaka. People that come, come. Come.

Come. Come. What are you it's, putting a nice way, but that's what be scared? This area really means do what you're here to do I'll get the talked out of me censoring that.

Since 1948, every single cab window ministers, have managed to do one thing right? . It up, right? Royally, I think it's obvious that no cabinet minister is learning me the r3d party. So here's, a motto for the Cabinet of Ministers based obviously on the royal motto, are you ready 58 pure or off?

Just do it or off. Now anyone from girls high school candy? Yes, that's. Good, yeah, oh yeah. So the girls high school can be motto is EDU obsidian with help from God that's, a bloody good bottle, very pious. Yeah, see they're from girls high school can be only God can help them.

So this they don't even - God - I'll go - go - demigod. So anyone for Mariella dumb in do school. Molly stallions, don't know, what is your gender? Ah, so the mod is still. Our motto is eaten pirate.

Ooh, - it really is Tamar r22, which means SHA Sui that's, very practical, though considering that most of them take the boat to Italy having a motto in Latin, which means show us the way can be very helpfully the high seas. Now for example, Your GPS is , our navigation, not working stranded in the high seas. And suddenly the Italian coastguard decides to turn up a photo.

Thank you. Going. You really got immigrant Oh a pilot or two Santa Maria, you Dayana, but you brown, oh that's. Okay, can't even eat. A courtesan. Yeah. Go have such quality, a .

So any museums in the audience tonight. So the music's College motto is, but upon the visa not SATA sucker. Okay, which means follow the line.

Follow the line follow the light follow where the is this like man, Allah has a light party. Ready? Light, . You know how to get music to go out with you.

Let me show you follow the light baby. Follow the light. Darling. Come follow the color, the light.

Now follow the light follow follow follow the light I think a more appropriate water for Musial should be desperately wanted to be Santa of iris, Hawkins, laughing. Huh? Your motto should be spirit. You want to be.

So next we come to my favorite bottle teens in the audience tonight, which. Attains with jeans. So the beauty motto is sorry, sorry.

I forgot, again, Sri, Lanka, no it's, actually, I don't, even need to make a joke about that. One know what I mean sounds like a soft porn title, though double double double gently and firmly how my yoga teacher seduced me Oh. Now, remember at the time, some schools did the aka before rugby bets. Now, guys I think the aka is , cool, ok, I think it's, , cool when the All Blacks to it. I mean, it goes with their traditions, their culture of being Maori.

Warriors and , plus the freaking All Blacks, they could do the belly and still scare. You . So, I mean, if you want to do a dance before Aqua bats stick to your roots and your culture, no trainee college can be. He has a dance for you. Do it before next year?

Spread be. Okay, Karl, Karl and ready, dude, ah, ah, you.

Dated : 20-Apr-2022

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