Testando O Directx 12 - Dying Light / Shadow Of Mordor - Windows 10

Sandy that I'm talking about x games, bringing you another video and on the day, guys, put it showing a little of the USMC DX, but it has already been released, I still don't feel the new building Windows 10 update, which is 100 41 beauty, good for you see that it has directories I'm going to open it here to show the system information. And here below, you can see that it attacks the version of direct x, 12, right? Well, I also have the video card driver that comes with one is that the update comes right w.11 10, which is the trailer 349 points, 90, you can see that the DirectX 3d API version is 12 beauty with this protest. I would like to make it very clear that OS x was not officially released is not supported for all applications is not supported total for all video cards. And it can be said that he is using these 12 on top of the resources of the xx 11 ATP going on there, a big investor knows so let's go to the test I chose two games to show you en so let's go.

The first game by team light guys, the. Graphic settings are all patron, except the field of view, which is around 40% beauty. You can see on the screen in a matter of fps.

The two are practically the same. But one thing you can see that the use of the video card memory is different, which in the case of these 11 is using around 1800. Dd x 12 is using 12 600 and such, that is, the club x 12 is using more video memory than mine card supports a GTX 760 of only two days of video who is practically Angolan video memory that I don't have now.

I, don't know if he is taking it from the ram memory or something else, but you can see that those arrested in laws, the locked investors are much smaller that one of these 11 by the fact that it's getting this additional memory, correct. And you know that when you have only 2, GB of video memory, it's going to put the textures of a game in the womb or high. It needs 3 to 4.

GB of video memory is in case. It is making your video card with only two gigs rod as if it were a three four gigs card that depends. On the game, too right? The other game I chose was pulled a motor wire, which is another game that it requires a very strong video card to be able to run, but never beauty. The operations are all on ultra and arrows textures that are on top. Because when I put the textures here in the other game, it was at a very low pace. I don't know why?

But to run with the textures at the top, he already recommends a card of three days or more sure you can see with these 12 again. It exceeds video memory. My card supports. It decreasing the lags, even if the fps are practically identical, the same good guys, you could see performance each game. And actually what was the advantage of all that promoting it was just the slowing down. When you put a very high quality and texture is your motherboard video, doesn't support, ok. Now, in terms of FPF performance, there was no advantage between the two just managing the crashes, even for some people the titles, and it improved to what got worse for others.

It was stable. In my case, just.Because the crashes were already decreasing, the big help man is a lot of help, but don't think that this is the true power of these 12. We will only know the true performance, because it was officially launched have against the resources both for the applications.

And for the video cards, then yes, we will see the real performance, The test will have an advantage in the school. So if you have any questions or tips, post them in the comments, if you liked the online video, subscribe to. The channel and until next time say a hug, thanks.

Dated : 01-May-2022

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