Tips & Tricks For Bunker Alfa Level 3 - Last Day On Earth: Survival

What's going on guys, Muslim 2x. And today, I'm going to be showing you guys that guy tips and tricks forward and level 2. So to access the level 2, you need to turn on the generator on the first floor. Yeah.

So you first need to clear the first floor, and then you're going to go to the second floor. So you'll probably need like a 580 for the 7th and 3 m16. Then, oh, no - clunks you're going to do a lot of guns. So first, when you spawn, of course, you get a spawn right here, you're, not going to go here yet. Because it's got to be locked with the terminal expansion, so you're going to go here, and I'm going to also explain some common mistakes. And you might you guys might make and get some food writers going to get some food going to kill some toxic fat anything, and they're going to go here, and you're going to find some a frenzied French John right here.

So people might think that you need to kill d'TRE right here. But you don't actually need to kill the turret. The turrets are their forces.

Twitter is there. To make your life miserable. So just don't I kill the turret, just don't, so we're going to go here.

If you want to get some extra items, but if you know if you open this chest it's going to be like to do this stuff, such as bandages and some alcohol. So it'll just don't go here. Yeah. And this is a bathroom. You don't want to go into it because there's nothing here about if you don't believe in that, you like murder will be gone there, and they're going to go here right here and there's going to be like. Thomas Peters in front of John, right here and make sure not to go you're, never go here, never ever because when you're chased by monsters or in zombies.

And if we go here, then you can, I go back, yeah. So I died, right here, because of that just never make the mistake. Never never never.

Never there. We go now I got my, so armor back and right here is going to be the plastic all gasping. Oh, my gosh, I'm going to die, and you're going to kill the toxic giant right here and make sure not to go here because. You're going to get shopping turret, never go. Never and does not return here.

It's really easy to our rent tutorial with the m16, so it's going to be a really easy to it. Here are some friends are giant and some other stuff. And you can actually open it to the crowbar. Yeah, I'm. Not sure if you can use another weapon such as that spike Devastator to open this thing. But on the corner was for me, and there, sorry, friends, generation and some ugly fairy thing and there's, not a fatty and there's, an excitement.

Number four here, and then you're going to kill these green and monster, toxic spinner, spinner. Toxic sitter, spinner sitter. We just finished talking speeders because its toxic spinner what the hell. And then you can activate this terminal right here to open this or right here, and then you're going to be greeted with these two toughest, spinners right here, and then you're going to kill this one right here. And if you want to open to chest, then you're going to go here, and you going to open this.Once it's like all food, right here soldier side kind of like useless, but there's another chest right here. So you might want to get there. So here, if you go here, then you have to kill the mega fatty right here.

And then, if you go here, and you might find some good stuff like aluminum stuff on aluminum right here. I already took it so that's? Why it's nice here, but you might be able to find some aluminum's right there, you're going to go out there, and then you're going to go straight right?.

Here and there's going to be like a , ton of zombies right here so me and make sure to all I got sir make sure to LIKE to kill them all, yes, we kill them all and there's a turret over there. You don't have to kill it. You don't have to seriously don't have to kill it and there's going to be more monsters. Right here.

You have to be really careful and there's a spawn hammer right in here. So yeah, I found a hammer. You don't really need that. Alright, so this is the generator for the third level, and you. Might have to kill the friend Tojo, I mean, you have to go for a job I'm, right here, and they're going to activate a door right here, too so you're going to be able to open this door and make sure to do not go close because it's an electrical door. Yeah, people make a lot of mistakes and I prefer to go in here.

And here is another dress. So if you go close, and you're going to get damaged so that's an actual hand and you will get damaged what the hell I just really listed it. How is the thing in there. Because there's like literally, no space between the wall, because how the hell is the monster stuck between the wall, how this like little no room for, but whatever doesn't matter it's a game and there's going to be like some baddies right here, I'm going to kill him. And you might be able to open this one right here after you activate, the terminal I'm, not sure if I'm going to activate this or right here or maybe like this or whatever doesn't matter. And after you go here, you're going to be. Greeted with distress, so you're going to bring loot there's going to be some good stuff, possibly there's, there might be some mini guns right here, but I, don't know.

And this is a perfect one. So I found the gas mask for the next room and there's, an AK-47 with a laser sight. You might be able to find that I could separate importance of AK-47 with the suppressor on it. But I don't know, every everything's different everything so different. And this is the blue point for the acid bath.

So if you go here. You might, you've yeah. So if you go here, and if you go here and click the hand button, then you will be able to unlock the acid bath, which would cause a lot of aluminum bars and I just realize that I don't have enough metal to make it. So yeah, I'm, not going to make it. And this chest is really easy to get, so you're going to go through here, go through the door, and you're going to sneak behind it, and you're, not going to get damaged by the turret. Surprisingly, I think this in there, that's still.

And you can. Get the chest I think I've found that aluminum bar. So yeah, you're. Welcome to go there. And then just the hard part. This is where I made a mistake. So I didn't get to open the second chest over there.

So the toxic mask, the great after time, if you get exposed by the toxic, oh my gosh. So sort of toxic masks really really really fast. So you to be really fast, and you might have to empty some some inventory slots because it's really hard one I need to be really quick. So first you're going to open. The creation are closer to you, and then you're going to go a little to the right cup, right, and then you're going to open this one right here you, yes. So that's, how you cleared that one cell? Yeah, those are really easy, and you're going to need a lot of cards like mark my words, you get admit, you're, going to need a lot of guns boarding.

You think more like really a lot. Oh, my gosh, I'm, Melissa, myself, yeah. So those efforts did video guys, I hope, you guys all enjoyed video and infidelity like and measure.

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Dated : 09-May-2022

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