Top 5 Best Afk Training Spots Osrs Oldschool Runescape 2007

Hello, everyone in this video I can show you five different, good, OK twin spots. So for the first one we are in barbarian village, Slim down entrance in the middle go to the portal to the next floor, clean down leather. So we get to the second floor here. There are kind of two different places for the lower levels. You should go south of the ladder.

So south of the ladder you will find the flash crawlers. They are aggressive and dropping pretty real. So just let your character here, drink a super strange. And super attack, so you can train even faster experience. And just take out take up the drops. If you want to normally, the drops shall give you around 150 to 250 K money, an hour. So picking up the iron, ores and herbs.

So for the other training spot at this floor, you have to go west of the leather. So if you are anointed of the people at the flash Crowley's there, you can go to another training spot on the same floor as well for this training spot. You should have like a higher combat level because they. Are like level, 53 zombies there. But also a lot of flash crabbers also a little higher level. So I will say this training spot is good for people who are like level, 60 combat and higher. So at the training spot here, you will find little 41 flash growers and zombies of 53.

So that's, why you need like a higher combat level as the zombies can hit you pretty hard. In my case, I'm little 107, right now, the zombies won't be aggressive anymore to me because I'm double combat of them. So they won't attack me. But if you come here has like a lower combat level than me, the zombies will attack you and flash cross will attack you. So this is like one of the best OK training spots for lower levels.

If they don't be aggressive anymore, you just can rent out is pretty easy to reset them just run a little south. Sometimes you don't, you only have to run to here, and you can go back in the worst case, you have to run a little farther so to here and just go back. And you are like fine for another 15 minutes of. Afk training if you have a lot of defense level, you're probably going to need some food as well here. So I'll bring a full inventory of whatever food. You are using tuna, lobsters swordfish, monkish it's up to you.

They don't hit that hard. So another good OK training spots is here at the goals. You can find them near Calif is south of the Slayer tower. They don't attack me anymore, right now because I'm, again, double combat of them. So if you reach 84 combat, they won't attack you anymore. So this is a great.

If catering spot for people with 40 to 80 combat, you just can stand here, OK and your character will kill them. They don't hit that hard as well. But of course, bring a good defensive armor as always bring a super strange, a super attack to get more experience an hour and bring some food. Of course, they don't drop anything.

So it's, only a way here to get experience not to make money I told you before about the sand crabs, it's, still a great OK training spot, but I don't really want to have it about them. There are also kings and crpes in game. But first the location of the sand crabs for the people who don't know is south of the size house in the apart, but for higher combat levels, there are also kings and crabs in game. The only thing you need is like a high defense armor like Topic's, play body and Topic's play left to boot your defense.

So if you have the teleport just teleport to currents, otherwise, you have to run to the center of great current. So when you take the ball is just west till. You go to the center here we have to investigate the statue. And once you get here, you have to go a little east till you see the most kinds here we have to go south. And again, we have to go east till you see the dust devils.

Once you see these death Devils, you just go south again, and you will find the King sand crabs. So they are working the same as normal sand. Preps. Just stand between two as here is a combat zone that's, why you need like a high defensive armor. This is like a OK training spot. For higher combat levels, I'm, not sure you kind of need a high defense level, otherwise the sand crabs can hit up to six on you. But you shall be predefined with the towards play body and torques played X or another.

Great defensive armor. You just can stand between two sand crabs, and you can train OK your combat here. Another training spot for people between eighty and one. And twenty-six combat is also a barbarian village.

So here again, climb down entrance. And this time go to the fourth floor. So once. At the fourth floor, you also require like as some soft amulets, because it will boost like 15% for the normal amulet and 20% for the enchanted one. So you will have 20% more attack and more damage.

If you want to do this for the money, you can go to the ankle here. If you really do this for the XP, you shall go a little further again, through the portal of that, till you get to this spot here with the ghosts with the soft omelets, you can stand here. AFK, you have to eat. Sometimes, of course, but the damage you. Should do on them is pretty high so that's, also a high experience rate an hour. So I'll, drink your super strange, a super attack again and just stained JFK here.

But as I said before, if you do this for like the loots, you can go to the ankles along there. Another printing spot here you can go more south it's, also a spot with ankles. So it's also great experience there, but it's up to you what spot you choose from the tree nightmares. Own mini-game is probably the best OK training method for high levels. So dream mnemonic and decide the Rambo mode and choose the heart mount.

So you have to pay a 26 K drink from the potion. And here you can decide the buses. You want I, decide all the mini buses. So I can protect from really to do this OK. You will need prayer potions, of course, so I said to Dean.

And once inside, you have to get your hit points down. So you can use Edward Rock egg for that. So we will need like 51 if you use overload otherwise, if you do this like with the other method, you can get your hit. Points down to one.

So once they are bound just bring your overload and start killing them you so don't be afraid to use the prayer potions, because at the end of the game you get points for every kill you did. And with the points, you can go for a hair pack, and you should eat make profit doing this. Also, you can use the points to M blue, some of your items to get them stronger.

But if you are here to make some money and to Train AFK, you can go with it for the whole packs. And here you just can't, win OK. Another thing what you can do to get your hit points to one is using rapid heal. Once every one minute, so just click it once and do it back out, and you want to heal anymore, but be sure to do this every minute, otherwise your hit points will go up. Anyway. This is like one of the best training methods OK. We put the rock I.

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Dated : 09-May-2022

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