Turmeric Banana Smoothie And It’s Benefits

Hello, everyone good afternoon, Saturday, I have another smoothie recipe that I really want to share with you. And this is turmeric banana smoothie. But before we start, let me tell you some of the few benefits that I blow in true reading.

But as a disclaimer guys, I'm, not anyone else like a medical expert I'm, just a simple, mom who wants to stay healthy. And this benefits that I'm going to share with you, I just learned it through my readings. Most of you guys are so familiar with turmeric. This is very. Common in the Indian dishes, but most of the experts believe the turmeric is powerful and effective herb. It has been used to prevent entry mini ailments.

So one of the health benefits of this turmeric. It is gradually increased antioxidant in your body. Turmeric can help control diabetes, turmeric might prevent cancer. Turmeric helps lower cholesterol. It can help prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease.

It can treat skin conditions. Turmeric can benefit people with depression. It can treat Castro. Intestinal condition, it can help relieve arthritis, and it can help control weight. Now let's go to banana is a good source of fiber and can help restore normal bowel movement and relieve constipation or diarrhea. It is rich in vitamin b6.

Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. It increased the body's ability to absorb calcium. Thus, strengthening the bones. So let's get started with this smoothly guys, it's either. You will use this turmeric powder, or you will use this turmeric.

Roots I was in the. Indian store yesterday and I saw this turmeric roots. So I decided to buy because sometimes it's just nice to use like this. Instead of using the turmeric powder. Okay, guys, I have here.

My turmeric roots probably about an inch I, wash it and peel the skin and I have here. One banana now to make the smoothie who are going to add just a little of honey, probably 1 1/4 of a teaspoon I. Guess it's up to you and just a little of ground cinnamon. And also we need a cube of ice Mel.

So as well I've said, A while ago, it's either we can use turmeric powder or like the one I'm using turmeric roots. Now let's plot our banana in turmeric in here in the blender, a little of honey and a little ground cinnamon. And of course, our fresh milk.

So let's, blend it all together. Now, our turmeric banana smoothie is done it's time to enjoy, so guys here is our turmeric. Banana smoothie, let's, drink, hmm, really, good. Um, I can taste turmeric. The cinema on the honey in it and it's just perfect. It would be really nice.

If you try it yourself, so you know what I am talking its, perfect I should ask Anisha to try this see if she'll like it. Okay, go ahead and OSHA, try delicious, it's, delicious, it's, sweet and good and say you want more. So that was a pleasant review of my smoothie today, delicious and good. So, thank you so much for watching guys if you haven't subscribed, please do and make a comment or any suggestion just comment it down below I would really appreciate that and have a good day. Enjoy your turmeric. Banana smoothie bye.

Dated : 21-Mar-2022

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