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Hey, there guys welcome to the latest data bits, broadcast hope you enjoyed that little title screen there. The title screen was emitted by this unit here, the eye KTV, Te'o video, CD, karaoke machine, that's, right, it's a video CD player as well as a karaoke machine, capable of playing CD + graphics discs as well as video CD movies. And it will also play video CDs that are formatted for karaoke use, and I'll show you all of the above here. Shortly glad to be here with you today, glad to provide show prep for. All those big guys out there who have way more subscribers than I do, but you know what I bring the creative ideas. You guys go out find the same thing, make a video and get 150,000 views.

Hey, you know what maybe I'll be there someday, but I'm glad I could help you out. So this is the ache I, K TV. And as I said, earlier, it's, a video CD player. This unit was $4 at my local thrift store, and they had 50% off everything on that day.

So I got it for $2. Well, it didn't come with a microphone. And the only way to. Use the thing is with the microphone, so I had to buy a microphone off of eBay. Let me show you this amazing microphone right here. So the microphone itself has controls for the unit on it.

So you have stop play pause next track previous track. And then this has to do with the vocal setting. So you can turn your background, vocals on/off or toggle through those settings you have an on/off switch here. And in the background you'll see my Adam speaker, oh ITT, M, which I review on my channel, and I'm using. That for audio today, because this Polaroid TV I'm, using has really crappy audio quality. So if I turn my microphone on yo what's happening, everybody, hey, good-lookin, don't worry, we'll, be by to pick you up later. Okay.

So makes me sound like an absolutely awesome, DJ kind of guy. Now that I'm typing my voice through this amazing autumn speaker in the background. Yeah, it has visual too doesn't. It, yeah, very cool. So the the K TV has some interesting features. It has four inputs on the front.

So you can. Plug your microphone into one of four jacks, one, two, three, four, it has a Knight Rider' style light here on the front that makes you aware that it's looking at you or scanning something on the side here we have a volume control for the microphone that I'm using right now. And all I have to do is turn that one way or the other, and you'll. Notice that the sound goes off right above. It is a pitch echo button, which has a minus and plus setting on the back of the unit. Here we have composite video out.

We. Have left and right RCA. And we have the 12 volt input here on the back, and I'm using a 12 volt universal power supply, because it did not come with a power supply. Yeah, kind of scratchy input here on the front.

So other than that there's, a power switch over here on the side that we saw over there and I, just interrupted the power and cut my microphone off. There is an open and closed button here on the top so that you can eject your disk. And this particular disc apparently is a demo disc, or maybe one. Of the discs that originally came with it, it has about six songs on it, including who let the dogs out as long as you love me, independent women part, one, all-star stronger and waiting for tonight.

So originally, when I found this video CD I was at a thrift store and I found it in this case, and I was just looking at I'm like. Okay. This is fascinating I've. Never seen a disk like this before and I started looking at it up close and realized that it was a video CD and I don't.

Remember at this. Point how I figured that out, oh, yeah, there. It is it's right here under this.

Oh -, yeah, right? There just barely see it video, CD. So I, went ahead and picked this up.

So it was this disc that made me aware that such a device existed. And then not too long ago. And another thrift store I found the actual unit, which is pretty cool. So the kinds of discs that it can play are quite numerous, and I don't know how to get my microphone working again. Hello test test test I'm, not sure what I did wrong.

But alright, So here's, the kinds of discs that you can play on the unit like I said, it couldn't play. It can play the video CDs as well as C D G, C D + graphic discs. So this kind of gives me an opportunity to show off some really bizarre stuff that I happen to own on this video, CD format.

This is a company called good times video that put out these Disney look-alike movies. And this is Aladdin because the guess the story is public domain. They can anybody can just make an Aladdin video. But my son was reading. About this company, and then he read that good times actually got sued by Disney at one point because apparently their look-alike movies, VHS and video CD, apparently looked a little too similar to Disney.

So they got in trouble for that here's. Another one jungle boy that's, right, jungle boy on video CD, which has English and Cantonese subtitles on it. And you can open up the little catalog here to see all the amazing titles that you can get look at there's Lion King up at the top. Oh there's, actually. Jungle Book, right there, Jungle Book and then goes across the board Beauty. And the Beast looks like it's on there, snow-white Hercules, you name it. They just anything that the Disney made guess what we're going to make it to and probably all those little grandmothers who find these in the checkout lane at the grocery store.

It was like, oh, wow. Look at there there 's's, a Latin for just 395 I'll get that for my grandson watches about two minutes of it and says, this is ridiculous. This is. Nothing like what we saw in the movies here is a video CD I've collected over the years. This is Love Actually and a video CD. If you've never seen one before has impaired equality about half the quality of DVD, maybe less, and it has two CDs inside for the movie. So once the first disc is open, each one holds an hour a video.

And so once the first disc is open, you got to flip it over and put the second disc in, so there's that one here is the whole nine yards with Bruce Willis in it, not saying that me. Promote these films just saying, I have them on video, CD, I, haven't actually watched either one of those movies and then here's the CD + graphic discs that I have. So we have Pro sound show tunes which I have a treat for you coming up I'm actually going to sing a selection off of here for you.

How about that you can tell me how I do here's the best standard hits with boogie, Boogie Bugle Boy over the rainbow, Moon, River, etc., crazy, party songs. I mean, these are the craziest party songs ever old time. Rock. And roll another copy of who let the dogs out celebration walk the dinosaur and many more here's, the best standard Hits Vol - it's got New York, New York it's, got Georgia on my mind smoke gets in your eyes. Dvila. Some other great hits right there for you and Christmas would not be Christmas without some party time. Karaoke Santa Claus is coming to town, etc.

And one more party time karaoke disk. It had to be you Mona Lisa blue moon days of wine and roses and so forth. Alright.

So a CD plus G is really. Just a CD a regular audio Compact Disc with some computer data on there that the machine reads as it's reading the disc actually the data is at the beginning of the song, if I remember correctly and then it. So it loads up, you know, it streams in as the disc is loading the song, and it prepares the screen with some graphics. So let me show you a couple of examples of that.

But not until after I've, shown you the little of the video CD demo disc that it came with so to get this rock and roll show. On the road you're going to go, and you're going to hit your play button after you've loaded your disc, and you'll. Notice on the screen up there in the top left it, it shows play, and it looks very much like a pioneer laser disc player would display on the screen, which is fascinating there's, our next so here's. What a video CD karaoke disc looks like all right? So you can go through and turn the vocals off and that's funny.

You can turn them off. So they just paid some to work to make these really. Awful videos of just random shots of things with the song playing in the background, turn this down just slightly all right. And then you can change the key on the side. Well, you got to be able to really hear that the tone with vocals. So there you go.

This is what a video CD karaoke disk looks like all right so let's go on to the oh let's just show you one of these V video, CD movies, real quick. Before we show you anything else. Let's. Look at jungle. Boy, jungle boy, I love jungle. Boy, I don't, even know. What jungle boy is about, because apparently they had Jungle Book as well.

So what in the world would jungle boy be about maybe it's the sequel or the prequel to the Jungle Book, maybe jungle boy, wrote a Jungle Book, something like that. So you get your typical FBI warning going on there. And if I move the camera up close to the screen, you'll see some little, possibly you can see some of the little mosquitoes that appeared on the screen due to the high compression going on there, uh, another FBI.

Warning okay, we get the idea, oh, and then it stopped. So I, guess, the only track are the only chapter on. There is the first chapter. So we're going to have to watch this FBI warning.

Sorry, guys, I. Guess I could edit this out later. But you know, this is more time that we get to spend together. This is really quality time.

Good times, Home, Video, Platinum, Series, oh, sorry. That was me. This has two languages on it. As we said, a little loud, actually it sounds a little over driven. If you asked me, all right, you. Get the idea it looks exactly like the Disney movie right again, we don't know which one of those okay moving on let's.

Look at a CD plus graphics disk. Now I know that these are cool. My favorite one of this bunch is the TV tunes one so that's, the one we're going to play from show you how this works. It doesn't have a video in the background. But again, it does have some graphics in the background, which are pretty cool.

Philips CDI machines could play these CD plus G graphic discs I believe you. Could play them on an Atari Jaguar. And one of those I think the Samsung came out with a game machine back in the day, the name eludes me. But a lot of those older video machines would play them. They don't play on DVD players.

Unfortunately, here's the Brady Bunch I'm, not going to sing this one all right, apparently our vocals. Oh, here it goes. Give us a little volume here. So again, you just see some graphics on the screen showing you what to sing as it goes through kind of crude actually go into. The next song.

So you get a little brief window here, showing you what song you're about to sing, and you'll get the words appearing on the screen. So the production value on This isn't, too bad. I don't think, alright. So the one we're going to sing for you is the Love Boat theme, song, test check my microphone. Here test test test I, don't know how to I don't know how to get the echo thing to work there's. My key there we go, ladies and gentlemen, the karaoke debut of de Tibet, singing The, Love, Boat on. His tail, I KTV karaoke unit here we go exciting and colorful.

Yeah, come on we're expecting my sweetest reward, but is thrown it looked back to you, we'll be making them. Number one promise is something for everyone said, of course, we've been through your mind on a new won't, hurt it's, an open smile on a friendly Shore. Welcome aboard. It's love.

Well, guys, if I didn't already blow up your computer speakers with that last song, hopefully you've made it to this point. And you've enjoyed this video about the I. K, TV, Mayo video, CD, karaoke unit that was made in the early 2000s. Probably 2002, please subscribe share this video with a friend, leave a comment below and be sure and tell me how awful I did on the karaoke portion of this podcast broadcast, whatever thanks for watching.

Dated : 17-Apr-2022

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