What Really Is The Fibonacci Sequence?

Hello welcome to my project on Fibonacci. There really isn't much left to say, a nice, introduction, other than I will describe or format, I usually used to present on my projects. First I'll often give the introduction. And then from there, I'll split the video into about four or five different parts ranging from history to modernist stuff and a bunch of others fixed. And between these sections, there will be title cars of some freak groovy chip ton flowing in the background. These cars will generally tell. You what's happening next in the video there will be an ending giving thanks and credit standing on the hell we make this.

And this triangle will explain everything. So hopefully I'm a fun time. And here we go cue the first tarot card. So I'm, being honest, when I say there really isn't much document about Fibonacci's early life. Sister Maddie was born around 1170, possibly in Pisa Italy.

And estimated they died after 12:40. Bonilla was a boy. His father, we Elmo was a Pisa merchant went to North Africa in. Feb another was sent to study calculation with an Arab master later. He went to Egypt Syria, Greece, Sicily and province where we studied more calculation in numerical systems. He eventually brought a book code, Loretta Vast at the time hindu-arabic numerals were known by few from translations of ratings of the name century.

Arab mathematician, al-Khwarizmi, the first seven chapters focused on whether it is a unit, ten hundred, etc. and showing the use of numerals and Ara fanatical operations. The techniques.

Were then used to practical problems, such as profit margins and money change lets drew the attention of the roman emperor Frederick ii, and in the twelve twenty-seven, and she was invited to meet with the emperor in Pisa. Well, there he presented the book as they had a number of issues that were covered in the book. But this next session is where it gets more interesting I've been looking forward to this part. It is actually the only reason I chose Fibonacci sequence. Of course, this is a issue. From the book, a certain month, a pair of rabbits and a police around all sites by wolves, how many pairs of rabbits can be produced from that pair and a year if it's supposed every month, each pair per gets a new pair from the second month on becomes productive. Well, the answer is a sequence in which each number is the sum of the two previous numbers.

So it goes like 0 1 1 2, 3 5, 6, 13, 21, 34 55. So on, you can make brainy spirals over. And whenever someone turns this edge, you can say happy 5th. Birthday the sequence makes up a lot of things in nature, spirals bail up of the numbers button boxes like the first one has a 1 by 1 square.

And then the second one above is a 2 by 2 square, then a free by 35.58 by 8 13 by 13, and then finally 21 by 21 and fairy 4 by fairy form. And you just draw a squiggly line for all the boxes. You have a great groovy looking spiral like said earlier, the spiral builds up a lot of things in life like flowers, cinnamon buns and galaxies, it's very fun to see how many. Objects, you can make the sequence I encourage you to give it a go. If you haven't already know, the end dating software didn't take me.

So long, either as this is like the surest one have made so far, hopefully stuck it though I even managed to stay on topic for most of the video. So I, won't, stretch it, the credits as they're actually, no people to thank off. The news for watching the full runtime and me for scripting recording and editing all of this all that's been said and done a veggie farewell a. Happy day.

Dated : 14-Apr-2022

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