Why Auto Dealers & Partners Love Equifax

Equifax is a great partnership. It allows us to pull credit very simply. It allows us to know what to submit to let banks we're about here pay. So we get a report are our customers pay history Equifax and that's really made a difference in our business. It gives us more validity in our community. It helps rebuild customers credit.

Furthermore, it also if the customer didn't pay, well it, it gives us a way to hold them accountable. And it really is its a great partnership, and we really enjoyed. If I have been an. Act in fact, customer for 43 years. So we've been through a large time of our life and business relationship with Equifax. And they provided a valuable service to us for a very, very fair. Cost I.

Am an advertiser customer. Yes, I am I use Equifax. Every single time I, pull a customer's credit application, it's so easy to read. It gives me all the information I need, and it's.

Something I would never do without. We do use Equifax. We use them to pull credit. And we isolate do the employment verification, and it's. Great tool for us. We use it all time. Oh, yeah, I am an echo fax classroom of we were one of the first five to go on weekly payment, reporting and that's worked out phenomenal by doing that.

We were able to assist people that had a hard time during the recession. They were able to get, you know, good jobs back and their credit rating has gone up. So now we can get them into a better vehicle. So it's worked out really well for us.

We have been partners with Equifax for a very long time, you're, one of our. Premier partners we've created some awesome products. We have our it's, not a credit app that's power, that's, a softball technology. We have some the work number in place embedded in our software, very, very valuable, and it makes it helps us make our product sticky. So we hope that you guys keep coming out with innovation products that we can use them on the credit and compliance side to help our dealers, stay in front of their consumers and give them the most transparency that they can you.

Dated : 05-May-2022

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