Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Farming Farosh Items For Early Money

Okay, so recently I've discovered a new way to make a lot of money in this game relatively quickly and pretty early on as well, which is convenient. So basically, what we're going to be doing is searching for this dragon named famous, which is one of three dragons in Rule that just spawn in random spots, and they fly around. And what you do is you shoot them with arrows and depending on where you hit them, they drop 104 different items. And these items can be used to power up your cooking. They can be. Sold for a lot of money, which we'll be doing here, and they're needed for a couple special side quest to unlock shrines.

So, yeah, you can do it as soon as you get off of great plateau, which is really great considering how you don't have any money at the start. But I recommend you at least make your way up to connect the village and activate the shrine up there. So you can come back here quickly also the ability to make campfires at will is like super helpful. And it will really speed up the whole. Process so like buy some fire arrows despite how expensive they are. Yeah, fire arrows will really help to make campfires, and it'll make this all go by so much faster. So it'll pay off.

Basically what we're going to be doing is assuming that we've never been there before we're going to be making our way eastwards towards Makarios village again. But at some point, we're going to come up to a junction and turning right towards lake Julia or the bridge of Hialeah to be more specific. And that is where that's one.

Spot where famous spawns, and we're going to be basically just constantly going there. And yeah, farming items off of famous also, I, really don't want there to be a thunderstorm right now. So I'm going to see if I can, it's going to make a campfire right now. Oops, really don't want to deal with lightning right now that works. Okay. So just like at the very start of the game.

You first go off the great boat. Oh, yes, make your way eastwards towards the dueling peaks. Okay. So basically, this is famous. Yeah, this is what.

We're going to be farming IDE items off of, but I'm before we get started we're going to go to the other side of the bridge. Yeah, we're going to get set up on the other side of the bridge. And yeah, from there we're just gonna start getting a lot of items really quickly. And yeah, make a lot of money. It's a couple Invisible here, but I'm just going to ignore him because they're annoying.

This is your first time here recommend going up to that tower and activating it before getting started one two three. Okay, yeah. So here's a little game plan. Basically at this point every morning for Rough we'll, be spawning he'll fly under the water at this point loop around and then cross a bridge in where I marked this star at. And when he crosses over as when we'll be hitting it with arrows, he'll drop items, and yeah, just keep doing that over and over and over again. So oops, look at the timer started here, go so anytime now, yep, so he spawns out of the water right there he loops around.

And when he crosses over here, we'll. Shoot him with an arrow. And depending on what part of him, we hit we'll get like I said before one of four items if you're trying to make money you want to try to aim for his horn on the top of his head that's. The most valuable part of him.

Second, most valuable part is his fangs, which sell for 250 his horn sells for 300 by the way. Then the third most valuable are his claws herself for 180 I think. And then if he hit anywhere else like you'll, just get his scale, which sells for 150, the least valuable.150 is still a lot of money, though so like bear that than nothing. But the really convenient thing is he's going to dive right before he comes up over this bridge, and that will help me get a good aim like be face to face, and I'll be able to get a good nice, good, clean shot of this horn. And we can he basically we can keep doing this over and over and over again, until we have all that we want once he gets close like he'll, create an updraft, which you can do like this get your bow and arrow out.

Take. Aim up got a hit, then the item will fall down. There look it'll. Look like a shooting star you jump off after it and try not to get hit by those. Oh that really, oh that really sucks. Yeah, yeah. He's a thunder balls, dude, like three hearts of damage each.

So if you've gotten a heart container like at the very beginning, like you'll, be able to tank a hit, but, um, yeah, try not to get by those actually I probably should've. Let him flown by I want to - too much, because then I'll use up all my stamina also. Usually, um from my experience like his parts don't fly this far out you should they let land under the bridge or really close to it? So you can just jump off and like glide for about a few seconds, and you'll be right on top of it. Yeah, I think I shot him a little too early ways out there, don't know, I think I'll be able to get it.

Yeah, I'll make it actually perfect timing too. Because typically if it lands in the water, the quickest way to get back up onto the bridge and to make a campfire to reset the. Whole cycle is to I drown yourself. So it'll cost a heart though. So if you've already taken a hit from his like thunderbolt, yeah, like if you just got started with the game when you only have like four hearts, it'll, kill you so bring healing items like whatever, thank you. So yeah, just make a campfire, oops sleep till morning, and he'll spawn, same place and just cute, and he's basically kept on doing this until you have as much as you want. Yep, oh.

And the really beautiful thing about this. I got some time before he'll get over here. Oops, I. Don't want to get zapped here. I think, it's. Yeah, the really beautiful thing about this place is if it starts raining, and you can't make a campfire because of the rain this little archway, right here will ya it'll, it'll block the rain. And what you can do is you can set a campfire up in here and just keep on going its, great so get away a little sooner before Baruch also, um case, you forget it's, like when this bridge has these little notches that me.

Cut out a little like this. So there's, one, two and three third, one is what which one he's going to pass over so see if I can get a Corner certs, even get a Fang this time. Actually what item did I get just now got him just jump off. Go pick up your goods. Yep got a horn, that's, great.

And then I'm just going to go drown myself, really quick have two extra wheels of stamina. So this is going to take a while, but it is the quickest way to get back up on the bridge. I could have climb up there. But since it's. Raining I don't want to go through all the trouble of getting up there actually I might have been far I might have been too far away to make my fire DeShawn. Maybe yeah, I did darn it that's, too bad. No, it just went out so sit till morning.

And yeah, just keep doing this until you're filthy rich, I will say there are some occasions where he will not come out of the water like I want to say like 10 to 20 percent of the time like, you know, she'll come here. And he just won't show up in that case. Just go sleep at the campfire again and like help-help here, it does take a little while for him to kind of get over here, though, but it's really not that long of a wait, and it's its worth it to be honest. I mean, yeah, fire arrows are expensive to keep these fly.

Keep these at camp fires going. But yeah, but yeah, like the amount of money you get out of this. This covers, if I'm actually going to cheese it a little here kind of jumped the gun a bit. So I've got another horn. So basically once you're done. With that let's go back to Makarios or whatever wherever you want to sell them and yeah, I got a bunch of money in the bank. So would like to find out where I can find out, or I would like to figure out I'm, good camping spots through there.

Two dragons, like I said, I just found this recently, so I don't like any good spots through the other two. So yeah, anyway to the max. So yeah, Shards ferocious horn.

So can use it to upgrade? This I don't I. Think you need the other dragons, though to upgrade it further I. Think so yeah, anyway, see how much money I made, and we'll call it quits for now didn't get three horns for that Kara, never exactly what I got when I didn't get, so I've done this for a little collected a bunch of stuff, just got six hundred rupees for those one a claw 180 for the claw, the Fang 250 for that whopping seven of these 20, 100 rupees. So yeah, lots of money. Carpe diem.

Dated : 21-Mar-2022

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